Welcome to Ofer's Backyard, a place where you and your family or you and your friends can come and enjoy a very delicious meal with a great view and feel just like you were at one of your friends backyard's.  Ofer's Backyard provides that kind of experience with a welcoming host and chef, Ofer, that is going to do everything that he can to make you feel at home! Ofer has always had a passion for art and he used to use his artistic talent as a jeweler and now he uses it for creating extraordinary and tasty meals for his guest.

Ofer's Backyard started out as a micro-brewery where Ofer invited people over to try his craft beers.  As more people started coming, and as usual with beer drinking, people wanted something to eat.  This is when Ofer started to serve his now famous smoked meats that he prepared on a small wooden table with a small gas grill and a smoker that he borrowed from his brother.  As more and more people began to come, Ofer's passion for providing a memorable meal grew and so did the people's appetite for the meals and soon the brewery lost out to the meat smoker.  A growing restaurant requires new equipment and other things and the majority of these things Ofer has repurposed from the salvage yards back into operational restaurant equipment and has made most of the items in the restaurant from
surplus or salvaged materials.

Over the past 7 years, a few things have changed, but Ofer's passion for smoking meat and creating an artistic meal for his guest have not.  Ofer gets his meats from local butchers and all of his produce from local farmers.  The majority of the fresh spices used and the teas that are served are from his garden on site.  Ofer's passion is to treat his guest to a unique experience and give them a great meal in a very relaxed and friendly environment. 

His passion is on fire to serve you so call or email to make a reservation now!

Chef Ofer Aviv

Tel: 054-7910480  |  Email: vulcan.tiles@gmail.com


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